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We provide professional real estate services in the following areas: 

Residential Sales

Real Estate Marketing



Working with Sellers
Briggs Anunobi Hilltop Home for sale

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Versatility is key! Some sellers need to sell their home quickly, while some don't. Some sellers need step-by-step assistance to navigate the selling process, while some sellers want little to assistance and prefer to pay a flat-fee. What ever the case may be for you, Briggs is equipped to handle it all. The industry has changed tremendously just over the last year and Briggs has adapted his services to accommodate every type of seller and situation to deliver the best results! Sellers are the lifeblood Briggs's business, so it is a must for Briggs to take special care of his sellers and provide them with all of their needs.   If you are thinking about selling your house, please click the button below for more information! 

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Briggs Anunobi Cherry Creek North Real Estate

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First-time buyers, Out-of-state buyers, Investors, Military and Luxury home buyers, Briggs Anunobi serves them all! Briggs is highly experienced with all residential real estate and can assist any type of buyer with their home purchase. Briggs works tirelessly to help every client not only find their right home, but also find the best investment through his extensive research of market data such as sales history, market conditions, and future real estate developments.  Always advocating for his buyers best interest, Briggs is an excellent negotiator and is known for going the extra mile to get his buyers the best price or terms on every deal.   Contact Briggs for a free consultation to discuss your home-buying goals and the best way to meet them. 


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Working with Buyers


With Colorado's strong rental market, Leasing out a home has become an enticing option for many homeowners.  Briggs uses phenomenal marketing tactics to position his lease-listings to receive the best exposure and reach significantly more tenants than competing brokers or property managers. Briggs provides all of the paperwork needed and also runs all of the important screens and background checks to make sure he gets the best most trustworthy tenants to lease your house.  Whether you need to start today or next year;  Speaking to a trusted Real Estate professional first, is highly recommended to help formulate a winning plan.  Briggs Anunobi is an experienced consultant and meets with people completely FREE of charge.  If you have any questions or if you are thinking of renting out your house, please contact Briggs Anunobi for a free and professional consultation to get you on your way.  Fill out the guest form below to get started!   

Briggs Anunobi Luxury Home Marketing Specialist


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